Sebastiaan van der Greef

Desperate times

Desperate times. A skinny polar bear on a small island far north of Svalbard. Due to the disappearing of pack ice the polar bears struggle in hunting for seals.

Information on dimensions:

The dimensions mentioned are the real image dimensions. Before ordering frames, please add the white border dimensions too.
A 1cm white border means adding 2cm to both the length and width of the image size.
A 2cm white border means adding 4 cm to both the length. and width of the image size.

Fine art print material:

The image will be printed using one of the finest fine art print materials there is, Hahnemühle photo Rag with a gramme value of 308 g/m2.
It is made for 100% out of cotton and has a matte flair finish. It holds a fine service structure and perfect for both colour and black and white fine art photo’s.


All fine art prints will be carefully shipped with a track n trace code.

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