Jaguar photography Pantanal 2019

Jaguar photography Pantanal 2019

2019 was again an incredible year full of breathtaking jaguar and wildlife encounters. On average we have seen 4 jaguar sightings per day. During our trip we where able to witness a variety of jaguar behaviour such as courting, hunting, swimming and the alliance of the two brothers.The most amazing moment of the tour was the attack of a jaguar on a giant river otter cub. we where there and it was the first time ever seen and recorded. Join me on tailored jaguar photography tour in 2021 and experience the Pantanal and its majestic jaguars yourself.
Below you find a brief impression of the 2019 jaguar photography tour including the jaguar attack on the Giant river otter cub and what happend next. From the whole series I decided to post 4 images to tell the story.

The jaguar cought the giant river otter cub and tried to get it onto the higher bank.

The adult giant river otters are lightening fast and got out of the water and attacked the jaguar. On this image you can see one of the otters
biting the jaguar.

The jaguar turns and opens it claws to defend itself from the powerfull bite of the Giant river otter.

The jaguar tries to attack and intimidate the giant river otters. One of the adult otters got hold of the young otter and dragged it
into the water. There they swam around in panic. We could already see that the young otter did not survive the attack of the jaguar.

Big male jaguar on a beach in the morning of our first day.

The male jaguar started walking after a short break. It offered great opporunities to photograph him from different angles.

Again the male jaguar looking for some prey (caiman, capibara).

All of a sudden it wass triggered by a sound and started to run towards the water. Unfortunately it did not get it.

Jaguar crossing the river. Jaguars are great swimmers and easily cross wide rivers even with strong currents.

We where heading back to the lodge wen we encounterd a jaguar on the lower part of the riverbank. We positioned our boat hoping that
it would go to the higher banks. We got the shot!

The coalition of the two brothers. These brothers are 3 – 3,5 years old. Normally around 2 or 2.5 jaguars start to look for their
own territory and live a solitary life. For some reason these brothers formed an alliance and are still together. To me it is the 2nd
years I have been able to enjoy the brothers.

The two brothers. They are not actually mating. It are the hormones evolving since they almost become sexual mature.
Since we witnessed these signs, I do think that they might split up in the near future. But who knows what will happen.

The magic moment of a first jaguar sighting.

The Pantanal is home to many bird- and mammalspecies. The Giant river otters are truly an amazing species. They are funny,
fast, playfull and incredible good hunters. Everytime we see the otters we spend some time to enjoy and capture some great moments.

The Pantanal is home to many caiman. The caiman is hunted most by jaguars besides capibara. The jaguar always try to ambush
its prey and deliver a strong bite in the neck of the animal. The powerfull bite kills or paralyzes the prey fast. It then start dragging
it out of the water and start feeding in a bush.

One of the two brothers found a dead caiman in a small creek. We where able to see it drag the caiman out of the water.
In normal circumstances when they caught a live caiman they hold the caiman by the neck when dragging it out of the water.

In the late afternoon we got a call of a jaguar sighting. Already some boats where at the sighting. Instead of following it we decided
to waited further upstream to hopefully get an opportunity of it walking towards us. As you see we got some amazing shots in great light.
Working with the best local boatdrivers and guides makes the difference in terms of photographic opportunities. Reading behaviour
of the animal and knowing the area well gets you the best photographic opportunities.

Jaguar moving through the water in search of prey.

We spotted this jaguar and it disspeared in the bush. We decided to wait for 10 minutes to see if it would appear again.
it did and started drinking water.

Some of the creeks in the Pantanal have very beautiful backbrounds due to the ancient looking mangrove and tree roots.

Female jaguar on her favourite log for hunting and relaxing. One day we spend 6 hours together her at the log to see if we might
be lucky for some hunting behaviour. On this day she did not hunt, still we had a great time observing and photographing her.