Jaguar photography Pantanal 2018

Jaguar photography Pantanal 2018

The portfolio shows a small selection of images and insight in our october 2018 jaguar photography trip to the Northern Pantanal. We spend 15-days at Porte Jofre photographing jaguars. During our 15-day trip we have seen over 45 sightings of jaguars. Some of the sightings where even more special due to the rare behaviour. We have seen jaguars in trees. Jaguars interacting with Giant river otters. A succesfull hunt on capibara and a female jaguar jump out a tree to hunt caiman. Just to mention some of the highlights.

Enjoy the portfolio and if you have any questions on the Northern Pantanal or would like to join a jaguar photography tour, check the following link: jaguar photography pantanal 2021

The first 6 images are part of a short story of one of the highlights of our trip; The jaguar and giant river otters.

In the afternoon we spotted this female jaguar relaxing on a tree near the Giant River Otters den.

No giant river otters at the scene and this female jaguar was enjoying here tree to relax.

The Giant River Otters returning from their hunting trip and discovering this female jaguar close to their den. They immediately started making loud noises trying to chase away the jaguar.

In this image the female jaguar was starting to get annoyed with the giant river otters and tried to impress the otters with a big growl and by showing her teeth.

When the Giant river otters kept provoking this female jaguar, she got up and showed her teeth. It was an amazing experience to see the group of giant river otters and this jaguar interacting with eachother from short distance. Then the Giant river otters decided to leave.

Full frame image of the female jaguar relaxing again after the giant river otters left. [end of story]

On this trip we have seen these two male jaguar brothers many times. It was great to see them together, they look so cute. What I found interesting is the fact that they have there own character and preferences already. One of the brothers really like moving in the water, not affraid of boats while the other brother tends to move through the forest.

A close-up from one of the jaguar brothers.

Jaguar drinking with an amazing natural frame surrounding her.

Very rare, I heard about it but never seen it before in all the years i have been visiting the Pantanal. A female jaguar high up in a tree. Yes it is a jaguar!!

Male jaguar spotted capibara, next image shows how he gets into hunting mode.

While going back to the lodge in the late afternoon we spotted a jaguar and some capibara further up stream. Axciently we waited what would happen. On this occasion the capibara spotted the jaguar very quickly and dissapeared in to the river. Still every time I am amazed when seeing a jaguar in hunting mode with their deep focus on the prey.

Male jaguar on an island where he failed to catch a capibara who was resting. Still we had a stunning light and angle to capture these majestic big cats of the Northern Pantanal.

Jaguar crossing the river in the last light. This image was taken with High ISO, therefore showing noise.

Full frame image of a female jaguar relaxing in the tree.

My personal highlight of the trip; A female jaguar jumping from a tree to hunt a caiman. In the Northern Pantanal only two female jaguar (sisters) are know for getting in trees and hunting from the tree. Very special to witness it myself with our clients.

This image shows the moment before impact. You see the movement in the water from the caiman who spots the jaguar. The caiman lives to tell the tale..

Jaguars are very powerfull both on land and in the water. They can easily cross big rivers even with prey.  During our jaguar photography tours we have seen many jaguars crossing rivers or hunting from the water.

We spotted the jaguar early morning, unlike other boats we decided to spend our time with this jaguar. After a 7 hours wait we got action shots in the last light of the day. The female jaguar drank water and then started to hunt for capibara, unfortunately this attempt failed.


A big and old male jaguar also known as Pirata. It was the first jaguar I ever saw in the Pantanal. Ever since it holds a special place in my heart. I feel blessed to see him each year since my first visit. He is getting older but still strong and a very experienced hunter.

Everyday offers great opportunities to make images that stand-out.

So many jaguar encounters in trees this year, very unique…

A young male jaguar which we spotted early morning. After checking a radio call on a sighting nearby our location of two male brothers we returned in the late afternoon. There it still was; with the most beautifull light and on the beach :-).

Young male jaguar posing for us in awesome light.

When the day is almost over you just need a stretch in the last rays of light.

Female jaguar who spotted a capibara, we witnessed the entire hunt and got a great shot of the jaguar with her kill.