Sebastiaan van der Greef

Photographing jaguars in the Pantanal


Photographing jaguars is truly a unique experience and very different from photographing big cats like in Africa. The jaguars are (mostly) very active during the day compared to other big cats. During many of the jaguar photography tours we have seen many different behavior during the day.

Although the Northern Pantanal has the highest density of jaguars in the world, some patience and dedication is needed. Searching for jaguars is not easy, jaguars easily blend in the environment. An experienced guide is very important to increase the rate of success on finding jaguars and photographing jaguars.

I have seen many operators on the river the last couple of years and what truly makes the difference is an experienced guide and boat driver who understand the animal and its behavior. On many occasions already, I witnessed boats who follow the jaguar without a strategy on what will happen next. Anticipating upon behavior, scanning the environment for possible scenario’s is very important to align the boat in the best possible spot to get the shot (photo).

Besides understanding behavior, patience is the second factor of a successful strategy to get the best images. Many operators stay only a short while at a jaguar sighting or when another sighting is called over the radio they leave. In some occasions we decided to wait for 5, 6 or even 8 hours by a single jaguar laying in the brush. All boats are gone to look for other jaguars or go back to the lodge for lunch, we end up with the action shots by simply waiting.  From my experience patience pays off.


What is the best time of year to photograph jaguars in the Northern Pantanal?

From June till November is the best time to photograph jaguars in the Northern Pantanal. Mid-may early June is the start of the dry season. The water level drops significantly and the temperatures during the day are hot (30C-43C). The low water level and high temperatures attract wildlife, including the jaguar towards the rivers to drink, cooldown and hunt.

What is the best month to photograph jaguars in the Northern Pantanal?

June till mid-November are all very good months to photograph jaguars, still I will share my experiences. The month of June is early in the season meaning very little boats on the river. In June we experience that many jaguars return to the prime hunting grounds when the water level is getting low again. In the month of June there is an abundance of caiman, the chance of seeing jaguars hunt caiman in the open is much higher compared to other months.

October and November stand out too for me personally. It is like in June less crowded with tourists. Late in the season also increases opportunities to experience different weather situations. Last but not least, from my experience October is very good to visit while the temperatures and humidity are very hot/high. During this month, I have seen most sightings compared to July, August and September in recent years.