The Pantanal travel guide


The Pantanal Travel Guide That Has You​ Covered

Learn all there is to know before you travel to the Pantanal. Making sure you are well prepared for the best experience and wildlife images possible. I share with you my experience and insight details gained from over 10 travels to Pantanal.

Launch of the Ebook on September 10 2022. Pre-order now and benefit from the early bird promotion.

35+ page pdf E-book

Digital E-book that you can bring everywhere with ease. All information that is needed for the perfect Pantanal trip.

Big 5 of pantanal described

Background information on the big 5 of Pantanal: Jaguar, Giant river otter, Giant anteater, Tapir, Jabiru, the Hyacinth macaw and answers on; are there black jaguars in Pantanal?

Map covering the hot spots for wildlife

Access to a full map of the Pantanal, covering all lodges and what animal species can be found where.

Travel checklist

From list of lodges, airlines, airports to local currency, advised camera gear, outlet adapters and the type of clothing to bring.

Visit the Pantanal and experience:

The Jaguars of the Porto Jofre region.

An abundance of colours and wildlife surrounding you.

Sunsets for always to remember

Sounds of the awakening of the Pantanal

Make sure you are well prepared to capture the stunning wildlife of the Pantanal.

About the author

Sebastiaan visited the Pantanal for the first time in 2015. The Pantanal touched his heart and he visited over 10 times since and still visits frequently. Besides exploring and photographing the wonders of the Pantanal, he supported local tour operators with marketing strategies and lead generation programs, resulting in over $2.3 million revenue for the local guides between 2017-2020. 

In his daily life he works at an International corporate as a marketing specialist, responsible for the development and management of new business and lead generation programs for 32 markets in Europe. 

Besides marketing, his passion is nature-and wildlife photography. He continuous to explore nature across continents photographing unique species within their natural habitats.

Ultimately, his aim is to both create awareness on the importance of conservation, as well as raising consciousness on how daily actions can impact future generations. His dream; That we (re)establish the deep connection with ones-elves, nature and others. 

” The quality of relationships are fundamental to happiness and success.”  

– Sebastiaan van der Greef –

Sebastiaan van der Greef portrait
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