In search for Muskox, a visit to the Dovrefjell mountains in wintertime

Muskox are beautifull and tough animals who can stand harsh temperatures up to -50 celsius. For a while I was longing to photograph Muskox in the Dovrefjell mountains during wintertime. The goal was to experience the harsh environment myself and photograph them in these extreme conditions. It was difficult to find a experienced guide since during the winter months temperatures can drop to -30 Celsisus which makes camping in the mountains a real challenge. Luckily I got in contact with Floris Smeets. Floris guided me on this wonderfull 4-day trip in the Dovrefjell mountains. Temperatures where “mild” reaching -12 til -15 Celsius during day time. It was a dream come true to spend time in the mountains and being able to encounter the muskox every day. It left me with wonderfull images and even greater memories. Enjoy the video impression of my adventure. For more images visit the Dovrefjell portfolio page.

If you are considering to photograph muskox I recommend contacting Floris Smeets from Your Norwegian Nature